We offer complex solution while working with the glass. It is not only about transporting and placing it at the destination thanks to mini-crane. We will create and manufacture traditional and non-traditional glass elements and constructions for interior and exterior. We work with the highest quality material and certified fittings. All components are subject to the currently valid technical standards of the European Union.

In our portfolio you will find classic products like glass kitchen splashbacks or shower enclosures in traditional and non-traditional designs. We create custom-made glass partitions or glass railings of all kinds for interior and exterior, according to your imagination and technical project possibilities. We also welcome non-traditional challenges, such as bulletproof glazing, glass sauna house or anti-noise glass walls. We like to deal with any kind of bold visions, so do not hesitate to contact us even if your plans and ideas are seemingly unrealizable.


Folding glass walls

Folding glass walls are a timeless and design-clean solution for any kind of interior. Whether it is a home or an office, they will find an irreplaceable spot here. They practically separate the parts of interior and at the same time don’t visually reduce the space. On the contrary, the place seems bigger and illuminated. They are elegant and representative and you don’t need to worry about the lack of privacy. That can be guaranteed by design glass paper and optional transparency of the glass wall. Our mini-crane CRANE WORKS will take care of the placement and installation of the glass wall or the glass door. More information about folding glass walls HERE

Glass railing WITH DRAINAGE

Glass railing brings airiness and elegance to any kind of space. It is appropriate to consider glass railing with drainage in exterior use. Practical use and functionality go hand in hand with aesthetics. Thanks to this combination we can help you with the creation of safe and pleasant balcony, pool or terrace. More information about glass railings with drainage HERE


In the interior, the glass railing not only becomes a functional element, but can be an architectural treasure that can elevate the space to a completely different level. Light transmission allows connection with the outside world, but at the same time represents an important safety element. Combination of safety glass and safety foil can fit practically anywhere and will protect children, customers or clients from falling.

Each space is individual as is the idea of its owner. That is exactly why we offer complex custom-made solutions starting with the offer of the optimal design and consultation with an architect to its complete implementation. You don’t need to worry about placing the railing in already existing building. It is the CRANE WORKS mini-crane that will ensure that the railing gets to its proper place without any complication. More information about glass railings HERE


Custom-made LED mirrors are stylish accessories for offices, apartments and houses. They can be a unique solitaire that catches the eye at the first sight, or represent a fully functional element perfectly matching the space. We can create non-traditional shapes and sizes of mirrors and place them in high places without damaging the interior. For that reason, LED mirror is an ideal accessory not only for bathrooms and wardrobes, but also for the entrance hall. It will attract attention and widen the space in hotels, administrative buildings or fitness centers. If classical mirror is not your cup of tea, we can offer semi-transparent mirrors which are an icing on the cake for every interior. There are different levels of glass transmittance for these spy mirrors. The DM 60/40 version is suitable for a space where it will serve mainly as a mirror, for example in the wardrobe or in the bathroom. On the other hand, the DM 30/70 version is suitable for a living room or an office, where the priority is the image and light from the monitor. You don’t have to worry about distorted colors and losing details. More information about LED mirrors HERE